Steel bowl in Air Fryer is an Absolute ‘Yes’

Here’s a guide on how to use your steel bowl in an Air Fryer without ruining the machine.

Air fryers have changed the way we look at fried food. It has become a popular choice for health enthusiasts. But the excitement of getting an air fryer can soon be depleted when you start thinking about the compatible utensils for it and all the dos and don’ts.

But don’t worry I am here to simplify things for you. Remember using the wrong cookware can risk your air fryer for permanent damage. The material of utensils plays an important role. 

Every kitchen or home cook has got a stainless steel pan, pot, or bowl. Thus a common question arises if it is safe to use a stainless steel bowl in an air fryer or not. 

Can stainless steel go in an air fryer?

The answer to the above question is an absolute YES. Yes, you can use a stainless steel bowl in an air fryer but, conditions are applied.

Here are few conditions that need to be fulfilled, for using a stainless steel bowl in an air fryer:

  • Avoid using a bowl or pan with a handle due to an obvious reason which is the availability of less space in the air fryer.
  • The most important thing to consider – not to use a stainless steel bowl with a plastic or fiber handle. The reason being- the sensitive material can melt and damage the air fryer. 
  • The stainless steel bowl or pan should be made purely of steel and must not have any other metal base or covering that is not compatible with the air fryer. 
  • Always use a simple bowl made with only a single metal like stainless steel. It is the most convenient tool to be used as it can cook food evenly with smooth hot airflow.  
  • Use of a bowl with painting or artwork that could melt at high cooking temperatures should be avoided in the air fryer. 

Here is what we have learned about the use of stainless steel bowls or pans in air fryers. I have come across many such questions. I have also learned that most people are interested in knowing what types of bowls can be used in an air fryer.

What bowls can be used in an air fryer? 

Several other metal and non-metal utensils can be used in the air fryer. These are utensils that are mostly oven-safe, made of ceramic, glass, aluminum, silicon, etc. 

Glass bowl –

It can be used in the air fryer as it can tolerate and is safe to use in oven temperatures. You need to be careful while using glass as it can shatter due to high or direct temperature changes. Allow the glass to cool down slowly after use and, do not put the hot bowl in the water or cold place. 

Aluminum bowl/container –

As we all know, aluminum is a good conductor of heat thus, it is always a better choice for cooking utensils. Try using a heavy-duty aluminum pan in the air fryer again without a handle and plastic or other sensitive accessories. 

Avoid using cheap quality pans as they could get damaged in the air fryer due to the heat and temperature.

Silicone containers –

Silicone containers and molds have always been popular in cooking and baking. The fun part is it can also work well in the air fryer. These soft and bendy containers are boon for the cooks and bakers.    

Important Note for the users:

Here is an important note for all the air fryer users as we know that the technology is evolving day by day so are its products. We need to consider that the air fryers present in the market today are being upgraded and you can find both ones with the latest technology and the one with other.

You need to keep in mind what kind of air fryer you are using and what you can put in it thus, always read the manual before placing anything inside.

Read the manual thoroughly and then make use of different metal and non-metal bowls in the air fryer. Use only high-quality containers that are compatible according to the manual.

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